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The Shiba Inu is a magnificent and distinguished dog. They are very intelligent and potty train quickly. They are a super friendly dog, love children, and are great guard dogs. In addition to being physically strong, fit, and active, their frame is compact with well-developed muscles. They are very clean, and water and dirt seem to roll off their coats.

Despite preferring to be indoors, they also like to go out to play fetch and tug of war. In terms of height, I have seen Shiba Inus range in height from 13 to 17 inches tall and weigh from 13 to 32 lbs. Lastly, their coats can change in color up to about eight months of age.

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Kat’s Shiba Inus strives to be the best Shiba Inu breeder in the Southern Utah area. We pride ourselves on attentive customer service and quality breeding.

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