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Future Litters
Getting a Puppy

Want a Puppy From One of Our Future Litters?

                                             For 2023

We plan for litters in January, February, March, April, June, 


Watch our Website

I will be posting dates of future litters here. 

If you would like to get on our regular text waiting list, please text us your first and last name, and email address.


VIP Waiting List

A $300 non-refundable deposit will get you on our VIP waiting list and give you pick of litters before our regular waiting list and the public, in the order that deposits are received. All deposits go toward the purchase price of the puppy. Deposits can be rolled over litter to litter until you find your perfect puppy. 

Send the deposit through Zelle. Most banks and credit unions offer Zelle as a free service. You will need our email address, Be sure to watch this video   for proper instructions. Only send $1.00 and wait for our confirmation of receipt before sending the rest.




Feel free to contact us using the button below!